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Cavalier puppies in the Bellarine Peninsula, Melbourne, Geelong, and the rest of Victoria

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies have a gentle, happy, loyal, and friendly personality, making them famous companions of royalty. Even though they are not easy to find in Australia, their charming looks and easy nature makes them a much sought after breed. We are a proud registered breeders of these lovely pups.

The Cavalier originates in England, and is a modern descendant of the breed loved by King Charles II, commonly weighing 6 – 8 kg and standing about 30 – 33 cm high. They are calm and peaceful domestic dogs, very suitable for a family and a one-on-one relationship with lots of social interaction. Typically they live 9 – 14 years, and a longer life is usually associated with a disciplined diet and regular exercise.

Just as lovely, we also breed Toy Poodle pups and Cavoodle puppies in Victoria.

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Helen not only breeds Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pups, she also breeds Cavoodle and Toy Poodle puppies.

Some of Helen’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & their pups