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Helen and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Melbourne

Cavoodles and Poodles from Helen are registered breeders of Toy Poodle, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Cavoodle pups in Melbourne, Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula, and throughout Victoria.

Who we are

Cavoodles and Poodles From Helen (known as “CPH”) was created as a hobby by Helen to breed happy, fun-loving Cavoodle, Toy Poodle and Cavalier puppies as family pets. She chose these breeds after years of dog ownership and breeding of Labradors in the 1980s.

Helen commenced breeding Cavoodle puppies, Australia’s most popular breed, because she fell in love with the loveable and appealing Poodle and King Charles breeds and the way their good attributes show in the Cavoodle. These wonderful dogs attract people of all ages with their good looks and happy loyal nature. To achieve the well-loved “teddy bear” look, a true Cavoodle needs a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mother and a Toy Poodle father. Helen owns all three of these breeds and can advise on the distinctions between them. Her breeders are DNA tested for the known adverse traits. Potential owners are urged to inspect premises and to meet both the father and mother dogs to be sure of what they are getting and understand some of the breeding scams that continue to be around.

Helen also specialises in breeding Toy Poodle puppies in Victoria. The Toy Poodle has also become popular in Australia in recent times. The Poodle is well known for its French and German origins as a hunting and water dog, bred into the small “toy” poodle many years ago. Toy Poodles make wonderful pets. They are recognised as the most intelligent breed of dogs, and suit smaller houses and travel well in cars, caravans, and boats. They are very good company and have great personalities! They also have a lovable nature, low-shedding coat, smart, alert, and have a beautiful appearance. Toy Poodles on average have relatively small litters which restrict their availability compared to other breeds.

A life-long animal lover, Helen has spent many years raising sheep and cattle on the land. She bred Labradors and even raised abandoned native animals including a baby kangaroo! Her family of Tonkinese cats, Siri and Teddy, bred some time ago by Helen just fit in and enjoy the dogs’ company. Helen recommenced breeding because she loves the exciting experience of raising beautiful puppies and finding loving homes for them.

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Our dogs and their pups are really members of our family and Helen goes to great lengths to provide the best quality care, food variety, veterinarian services, and a socialised environment. Helen is not a puppy farm. Helen likes to discuss timing with prospective puppy owners and gives advice on the environment for a healthy and happy dog. When litters arrive, inspections and selections can be arranged and a deposit paid after selection to reserve your choice. Following that is the nurturing of the puppies by their mothers, and the puppies gaining sufficient maturity, microchipping, vaccinations, and vet checking to allow them to go to new homes. For guidance, from the time of mating, through pregnancy and growing, pups become available in about four months.

Please browse this website to see brief descriptions and pictures of our family, as well as our puppies for sale in Melbourne, Geelong, and across Victoria.

Helen only breeds pups to be pets, but she does believe that pups should be allowed to grow to early maturity, around 7-10 months, before de-sexing. Owners should discuss this timing with their vet.

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Our credentials

Helen is registered in Victoria as a Domestic Animal Business (DAB) under the Domestic Animal Act 1994 and her facilities have been inspected by the City of Greater Geelong as part of that registration. Prior to her registration as a DAB in Victoria, Helen was formerly a member of the AAPDB and continues to follow the ethics of that organisation.

From her cat breeding days, she continues to give advice on breeding cats, although she is not breeding them while she concentrates on Cavoodles and Poodles and Cavalier King Charles spaniels. Helen adheres to high standards of animal care. She has a regular vet, a principal of a large clinic in the Geelong area, where there are also many services available nearby, including 24-hour services when needed. As a registered nurse, and former vet nurse, Helen has an understanding of health and procedures which she has put to good effect in her animal management activities.