Our Cavoodle, Cavalier, and Poodle family

Our dogs and their pups are really members of our family.


Sir Lois
Sir Louis

The senior member of my family is Louis, my fertile stud Poodle, who is unrelated to any of the females. Louis is a medium-sized Toy Poodle, apricot in colour. He is gentle, affectionate, obedient, and loyal. He has a calm persona, and is a quiet success with the girls—a romantic boy. Sir Louis is the sire of most of our Cavoodle and Toy Poodle pups.

Group 841

Olly has joined the family in 2022 as the stud for the breeding of King Charles Cavalier puppies. Male Cavaliers with Olly’s character, genetic profile and handsome good looks are rare and Helen is delighted to be able to bring this beautiful young boy into her family. Olly’s first offspring were born 2021, and he will be siring more pups in late 2023. Register your interest today.

Group 841 (1)
Matilda (now re-homed)

She is a mature Cavalier, a little reserved and timid, a big and rangey 4-year-old, and a very good mother who breeds beautiful Cavoodle pups.

Group 840 (4)

A beautiful example of the Cavalier breed, she is an affectionate, happy, loyal member of the family. Dolly is in the prime of her breeding life.

Coco Noir (now re-homed)

Coco is a black, female Toy Poodle. She will be having puppies Nov / Dec 2023. Coco is fun, energetic, a retriever, and a delight to have around. She wins the heart of everyone who meets her and loves nothing more than a cuddle.

Group 841 (3)
Gertie (now re-homed)

Gertie is a little older than Coco and about to commence breeding in 2023. She is a pure Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who also comes from an unrelated breeding line. She exhibits traditional Cavalier shape, Blenheim colour and behaviour.

20230213 153133 Maude 1

Helen bred Maud. She is a beautiful example of a Toy Poodle and has started her breeding life.

Madge, Dotti And Vera - Sisters Who Play Together Nap Together
Madge, Dotti and Vera - sisters who play together nap together

Dottie, Madge and Vera, are teenagers now. They love to play hard and today they have just returned from their daily walk and are napping as hard as they play. Watch this space to find out when these gorgeous, playful, intelligent girls start having puppies.

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Our beautiful cavoodle was bred by Helen in her own home, with care and love, with knowledge and experience. She wants her puppies to have great lives and isn't afraid to ask questions to ensure that you're as capable an owner, as she is a breeder. I doubt you'll find a better place for cherished animals to enter the world!