Registered breeder of Cavoodle, Toy Poodle, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies

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Breeding puppies in Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula, Melbourne, and across Victoria

Helen Whiteside is a Domestic Animal Breeder (DAB) in Victoria of quality Cavoodle, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Toy Poodle puppies.

A registered nurse and life-long registered breeder of dogs, kittens and other animals, Helen breeds  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies, Toy Poodle puppies, and Cavoodle puppies in Victoria. She has been a breeder in Geelong s since 2007. Each year, her puppies for sale are bred in a home environment  that is carefully managed and operated in accordance with Victorian regulations.

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Cavoodle puppies Melbourne
Puppies for sale and upcoming litters

We have litters available at various times throughout the year. Register your interest in upcoming litters or contact us for more information.

Our Breeds

The benefit of the Cavoodle cross-breed is that in addition to the favourable inherited traits, including the much valued non-shedding coat attribute of the Poodle, Cavoodle puppies are more likely to be healthy and live longer. They have less risk of inherited defects which have been known to occur in some highly bred examples...

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Cavoodle puppies Melbourne
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

They have a gentle, happy, loyal and friendly personality and these characteristics. They have been famous as companions of royalty, and their charming looks and easy nature makes them much sought after, and not so common in Australia...

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King charles cavalier spaniel Melbourne
Toy Poodle

A famous pure breed, well-known for their inteligence, trainability, and non-shedding coat and endearing looks. Their intelligence and fun personalities are the reason poodles have retained their popularity over the years. When properly bred, these characteristics are inherited by the Cavoodle...

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Toy Poodles
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Cavoodle puppies Melbourne
04 Jul 2024

Benefits of purchasing a Cavoodle or Toy Poodle from Helen

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Helen’s community of Cavoodle lovers

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28 Apr 2023

Poodles are at home anywhere

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Thank you Helen, our little ruby cavoodle Rusty is a bundle of joy. Gorgeous nature and so much personality. We love him. Thank you for a wonderful personal experience and I have enjoyed the ride. Here’s to many more wonderful pups for the future. Melissa and Tom 🧡
I couldn’t rate our experience with Helen highly enough. We were so lucky to be able to get one of Helen’s gorgeous pups. Helen cares so much for her dogs and takes so much time to explain everything we needed to know about caring for our pup. I feel so comforted knowing that i can contact Helen any time to ask for advice. Helen is a wonderful, ethical breeder and I would highly recommend her. We are beyond thrilled with our gorgeous new addition to our family
Amy C.
We are the luckiest family as we have just rehomed Olly! He is the most beautiful pure bred King Charles Cavalier who is the cuddliest doggie we have ever met. He has fit perfectly into our lives and we couldn't be happier. Thank you so much Helen :)
John S
Our beautiful cavoodle was bred by Helen in her own home, with care and love, with knowledge and experience. She wants her puppies to have great lives and isn't afraid to ask questions to ensure that you're as capable an owner, as she is a breeder. I doubt you'll find a better place for cherished animals to enter the world!
andy T.
Rachael S.
If you are wanting a Cavoodle I highly recommend Helen. We love our little Luna! Helen was very professional and knowledgeable in the process.
nonie G.
My cavoodle from Helen is just perfect. Helen provided great knowledge to me on having and training my puppy, which has ensured how quick they learn, and given me so much pleasure. Thank you so much Helen
Our little Maggie is an absolute delight. Helen is a very professional boutique breeder that cares deeply for her dogs and their pups. They are brought up in very clean conditions with top notch care. Highly recommend Helen and the temperament of her beautiful pups.
Elizabeth O.
We just love our girl! You can tell that she was raised well in a loving home environment, she just loves people and especially our kids! Helen was excellent to deal with and very informative! Thanks again Helen for our amazing pup!
George B.
Helen is a very professional and excellent breeder. Her raising of the puppies has led to a brilliant transition for our Cavoodle into our home. Helen was very generous with advice and showed a high level of care for the puppies. We would wholeheartedly recommend Helen to anyone
Jennifer C.
Our toy poddle has turned one. He is a beautiful dog with a wonderful temperament. He loves all dogs and humans giving so much love to our family.He is cheeky like his mother Maude and is a big hit in the local neighbourhood.Thanks Helen for breeding a magnificent dog.
Simon S.
Helen is passionate about ensuring the puppies she breeds find loving homes and families that will care for them as much as she does. Helen provided us with a great experience as new owners, passing on expert advice and knowledge about the transition process as the puppies move into a new environment. It’s obvious that Helen is a respected breeder given the positive word of mouth reports we had prior to getting in touch with her. Highly recommended.
Kelly-Anne K.
First class breederRaised on grass in a sunny, north facing yard, our puppy from Helen has a natural tendency to want to toilet on grass, and a huge desire to play outside. This has made it so easy to fit a poodle puppy into our busy family lifestyle. It also makes toilet training very easy.I really can’t recommend Helen’s dogs highly enough. All have great temperaments, and are kept in a very clean environment, with excellent care and a lot of love. She is obviously close to her dogs and is clearly an experienced and responsible breeder.It’s easy to get carried away and indulge a very cute new puppy, but Helen will tell you to be sensible with the newest member of your family and I couldn’t agree more. Her advice on the best setup, food, routine and common sense discipline has been invaluable.If I could give Helen six stars, I would.
Leah W.
We bought a toy poodle puppy from Helen in February of this year and we could not be happier with our choice. We chose Helen as we wanted to buy a puppy from a trusted and ethical breeder. From the moment we got in touch back in August or September of 2022, Helen was amazing to deal with and so thorough and detailed when explaining the process. While she had no puppies available at the time, we felt assured that we’d love to bring one of Helen’s puppies home when she had a litter available. Helen got back in touch a few months later when she was expecting a litter and encouraged us to come to visit her home and her dogs. We were very impressed with both Helen’s care and knowledge, as well as the beautiful nature of all the adult dogs. Our puppy is now six months old and is a testament to Helen’s care and breeding. He’s a loving, affectionate, and extremely good-natured little dog. We highly recommend Helen for anyone thinking about purchasing a new puppy.
Helen took the time to discuss the care of the animal with us. She showed us around the environment where the dog was kept. She showed us both parents of the dog we were going to take home. She replied promptly to any questions we had before we got the dog. After we took the dog home, she kept in touch to see how things were going. We have a beautiful healthy puppy. Thanks to Helen. Chilli is a beautiful girl.
We feel so so so lucky to have found Helen and her amazing family of pets. This is the first puppy my husband and I have had and needless to say very nervous. We went to Helen as we wanted an ethical breeder that cared and loves their pet family and also cares about where her pups are going. Our whole experience was amazing and continues to be. Helen really put us at ease and we continue to talk. Now our gorgeous cavoodle puppy, Vino has the most beautiful and happy nature, is so smart and loving. We can’t thank Helen and her family enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you for our beautiful Vino and for all the love and hard work you put in. Your amazing.
We cannot recommend Helen highly enough. We have the most delightful toy poodle puppy, from the moment we chose her, Helen was always available to take our calls and answer our questions re all aspects of care. On collection day there’s was no hurry again ensuring any questions we had were answered. Anyone interested in getting poodle or caboodle give Helen a call you won’t be disappointed!! Carmel
jessica M.
I got a puppy from Helen she is amazing as a first time dog owner with heaps of concerns and worries it was just amazing did a meet and greet with both Helen and her puppies they are well cared for and well loved and her puppies are very dog social and my worries and concerns melted, and now this little girl has melted my heart not far from geelong if looking for a family member or a helper her dogs are well breed and take to school training really well we have promoted from in training to learner
Madeline S.
We brought our toy poodle home today. We love him so much already. Thank you Helen for breeding such a magnificent puppy. Your experience and knowledge + beautiful family of dogs reflects in our little man!
Diana B.
Two weeks ago we purchased a female Cavoodle puppy from Helen. From our first contact with Helen we have enjoyed her professionalism, knowledge and astute advice. We visited Helen’s home to choose a puppy when the litter was three weeks old and were thrilled to meet our puppy’s ‘parents’ and see the wonderful environment our puppy was thriving in. Chloe, our little female Cavoodle, was microchipped, wormed and had her first vaccination when we collected her at eight weeks old. Chloe is an intelligent, inquisitive, cuddly little puppy and if you are looking for a quality, ethically bred Cavoodle or a Poodle I can highly recommend Cavoodles and Poodles from Helen.
Jo W.
Helen is a wonderful lady who truly loves her dogs. Each one is not only a breeding dog but they are her pets which she showers with love. We are lucky enough to have one of her dogs and couldn't be happier. Thank you
Emma G.
We have one of Helens toy poodles, when we first met Helen and her puppies she was absolutely amazing the most caring friendliest person we have ever met, full of so much knowledge and a beautiful commitment and love to each and every one of her puppies and adult dogs. Our little Basil is a superstar and has brought so much happiness and such a beautiful natured puppie. I would highly recommend Helen 10 out of 10. Thank-you Helen !!!!!
Jennifer K.
We are the proud owner of Teddy a beautiful Cavoodle which we have had for over a year. He has made our family so happy. We are always stopped by strangers to comment how cute our Teddy is.Lovely disposition and size.Our interaction with Helen was wonderful and she explained everything to us on collection of Teddy when he was a puppy which was great as this was our first dog.Couldn’t recommend more highly.
Brenda R.
I have been helping with Helen's dogs for a long time including looking after them in our home during pregnancies until whelping.All Helen's dogs are very well nurtured and trained. Dolly (as pictured) is a beautiful girl in both appearance and personality/temperament and a great mother to her magnificent pups.
Caroline R.
I have an 18 month old cavoodle bred by Helen. He is a great little friend, naughty, loveable who charms everyone in the street . He is highly intelligent and (although not always obeying instruction!) he accepts readily the limitations I set. I would recommend one of Helen's dogs to anyone who is thinking of purchasing an "oodle!
Lizette A.
Helen is a very dedicated and caring dog breeder & certainly matched us with the perfect puppy.
helen J.
When I decided to get a toy poodle I asked a vet friend if he knew any reputable breeders. He did not hesitate to refer me to Helen at Cavoodles and Poodles. She impressed me immediately with the time she took to ensure I was going to be a loving, caring and capable poodle "mother". My toy poodle is now one year old and I could not wish for a happier, more confident or adorable pet. He is perfect and his mother was the same. I am just so lucky to been introduced to Helen.
Sally S.
We have been fortunate to have bought two Cavoodles from Helen. A boy in 2020 and a girl in 2022. They are both wonderful, loving, intelligent dogs and have brought great joy to our lives. It was wonderful to purchase our pups from an experienced breeder who really cares about the home her puppies go to. As her own dogs live in her own loving home, the puppies really do get a wonderful start in life. I had a good feeling from our first conversation and couldn’t be happier with our beautiful dogs.
Annette K.
We brought Louey home from Helen’s a few weeks ago. Our experience with Helen was exceptional and her approach as a breeder is far and above our experiences with other breeders when we purchased our first two Cavoodle puppies a number of years ago. Her insights, communication and attention to the welfare of her beautiful animals is extraordinary. Highly recommend Helen!!
Murray P.
I bought a Cavoodle puppy from Helen, to train up as my Assistance Dog. I now have a highly intelligent, affectionate, loyal and constant companion. I was very impressed with Helen's conscientious concern that her puppy was going to a good home, and the right person. I can't thank you enough Helen, for such an excellent outcome :)
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Beware of scams!

Due to scarcity of puppies at this time, Helen has been told of numerous examples of scams and frauds and has experienced interference with her own website.

She wants people to enjoy their experience of dog ownership and asks enquirers to take care in making their purchase decision. Examples of bad experiences include loss of deposits and loss of full amount of payments and/or no arrival of pup as promised. These scams seem commonly to result from interstate or offers of pups from casual infrequent breeders. Unlicenced breeders also often use unknown studs or improperly use stud/bitch combinations that do not result in the promised breed characteristics, which may not be evident at the puppy stage of life.

Helen does not accept deposits until pups have been born, selection of pup decided and agreement reached. Helen encourages inspections by appointment, to view her breeding family and her first-class facilities. She advises buyers to insist on seeing and knowing the credentials of the stud (father) as well as the mother.