Registered breeder of Cavoodle, Toy Poodle, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies

Cavoodle puppies Melbourne

Breeding puppies in Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula, Melbourne, and across Victoria

Helen Whiteside is a Domestic Animal Breeder (DAB) in Victoria of quality Cavoodle, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Toy Poodle puppies.

A registered nurse and life-long registered breeder of dogs, kittens and other animals, Helen has been breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies, Toy Poodle puppies, and Cavoodle puppies in Victoria since 2010. Each year, her puppies for sale are bred in a home environment in Geelong that’s carefully managed and operated in accordance with Victorian regulations.

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Cavoodle puppies Melbourne Geelong
Puppies for sale and upcoming litters

Pups for sale from all three breeds – Toy Poodle, King Charles Cavalier and Cavoodle – are listed on our puppies for sale page. Register your interest on future litters.

Our Breeds

The benefit of the Cavoodle cross-breed is that in addition to the favourable inherited traits, including the much valued non-shedding coat attribute of the Poodle, Cavoodle puppies are more likely to be healthy and live longer. They have less risk of inherited defects which have been known to occur in some highly bred examples...

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Cavoodle puppies Melbourne
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

They have a gentle, happy, loyal and friendly personality and these characteristics. They have been famous as companions of royalty, and their charming looks and easy nature makes them much sought after, and not so common in Australia...

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder Melbourne
Toy Poodle

A famous pure breed, well-known for their inteligence, trainability, and non-shedding coat and endearing looks. Their intelligence and fun personalities are the reason poodles have retained their popularity over the years. When properly bred, these characteristics are inherited by the Cavoodle...

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Toy poodle Melbourne
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Ollie Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Geelong
18 Jul 2022

The beauty of breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies in Melbourne

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  • Murray P

    Helen, thank you enormously for providing me with one of your wonderful little Cavoodle puppies, for me to train up to be my Veteran's Assistance Dog. During my pre-delivery visits I was highly impressed with your facility, methods, professionalism and obvious love for your beautiful little creatures. I was also impressed that you were concerned enough to ask questions about my suitability as the prospective owner of one of your precious pups. For all those reasons I selected your business, ahead of several other breeders. So Helen, THANK YOU for being the consummate professional that you are!

    June 2021
  • Jennifer K

    So very happy with our little puppy Teddy. As a first time puppy owner, from my first phone call to Helen, I felt I was speaking to someone very knowledgeable who cares very much for the puppies she is breeding, as I wanted to adopt a puppy from an ethical breeder. Helen kept in touch until a puppy was available and we couldn't be happier. Helen explained all of Teddy's needs prior to us leaving with our new family member and even followed up to make sure Teddy was doing well. Highly recommend!

    June 2021
  • Ivor M

    We were lucky enough to have the pleasure to meet Helen and her gorgeous family of pets today. Her experience, knowledge and kindness is undeniable. She has been understanding and compassionate to our situation and experiences and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone else looking to add a beautiful, gentle, loved pup to their lives. Helen came highly recommended by a friend.

    September 2021
  • Natasha D

    My family and I recently bought a puppy from Helen and the entire experience was great. Helen was very kind and was very helpful. Our puppy is a wonderful puppy with a gentle personality.

    July 2021
  • Michelle D

    We recently purchased a puppy from Helen. It was a fantastic experience from the beginning to end. Helen's care of her dogs is exceptional and she provides full visibility about the puppies and their parents, as well as the way they are raised before reaching their new homes. Helen was welcoming, ready to answer any question and genuinely interested in ensuring the puppies reach a good home. We completed enjoyed dealing with Helen, seeing her beautiful dogs and puppies and now welcoming to our family a lovely puppy. We recommend her 110%.

    July 2021
  • Jasmine P

    Helen is a fantastic breeder. We have had a fantastic experience going through Helen to get our new puppy Coco. Great communication and very helpful. Lots of experience and knowledge. We highly recommend Helen if you looking for the best high quality pet.

    June 2021
  • Isobel M

    Helen was wonderful, she stopped me from buying a puppy in a scam and explained how to go about it, though she has no Cavoodles at the present time. She gained nothing, but gave me good advice.

    June 2021
  • Scott M

    I recently bought a puppy from Helen and my experience was perfect. Helen was great to deal with and my little boy is beautiful. I could not be happier with my new puppy. Helen gave great tips of how to raise your new puppy and genuinely cares about all her animals. I would recommend everyone to contact Helen.

    June 2021
  • Wendy G

    Helen is so thorough in her approach to her business. We received a beautiful little boy Cavoodle from Dolly. We love him to bits and would highly recommend Helen's Cavoodles and Poodles. Helen is very accommodating and we are thrilled with our purchase.

    June 2021
  • Catherine T

    Helen is an ethical breeder, who cares about her dogs and their puppies. She is, by far, the most experienced, knowledgeable and honest breeder my partner and I dealt with in our long search for a puppy from an ethical breeder. She likes to get to know a little about you, as a prospective owner of one of her puppies. It is a good way to assess how well you might manage looking after a dog and, therefore, how much support she might need to give you if she thinks you are the right fit for her dogs. Highly recommend Helen and her puppies!

    August 2021
  • Jennifer Q

    I have just brought home my cavoodle puppy and couldn't be more delighted. It is clear that Helen cares about her puppies a great deal and takes great care in ensuring that the puppy's new owner and home is suitable. I was able to visit several times to see my puppy growing and was made very welcome — in fact Helen delighted in showing me all her dogs, their litters and the facilities. Helen encouraged questions, provided lots of information and rang to check how we went after our first night at home. I have no hesitation in recommending Helen to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a cavoodle or toy poodle puppy. Thank you Helen for welcoming me to your extended doggy family! Jen

    May 2021
  • Cam I

    It's clear that the environment Helen creates for her dogs and their puppies is nurturing and supportive. Our new puppy is healthy and happy, and good looking.

    April 2021
  • Melis S

    Helen is an ethical and diligent breeder. I searched high and low for someone who was serious about low volume, high quality breeding and I’m so happy I found Helen. She invited us into her home, took time to get to know us, asked us plenty of questions to make sure her pup went to a great forever home. We couldn’t be happier.

    May 2021
  • Sally S

    My family and I purchased a puppy from Helen 10 months ago and he is a delight. Remy is a wonderful puppy with a beautiful and gentle personality. He has filled our home with joy and we couldn’t imagine life without him. Helen takes a lot of care in finding a suitable home for her puppies and she kindly guided us through this process. We couldn’t be happier with our beautiful boy.

    May 2021
  • Rita F

    Hi Helen, just wanted to say a massive thank you. The puppy you provided to my veteran husband has been a hugely positive life-changer for him. Your excellence is the greatest compliment to the puppy breeding industry. Best wishes, Rita

    May 2021
  • Matt M

    We picked up our Cavoodle puppy from Helen last week. From my first phone call with Helen it was clear she cares enormously about her puppies and wants to make sure they are going to a home where they will be cared for and will have space to play. She has been very professional throughout and has made sure she kept us informed about her litters. We made four visits to Helen in the last nine months and she has always made us feel welcome in her home. As first-time puppy owners she also answered all our questions thoughtfully. I would highly recommend Helen for her puppies.

    May 2021
  • Helen J

    Helen is a highly reputable breeder referred to me by my vet. She obviously cares about her puppies very much and wants to make sure the home they go to is the right environment. I was very impressed with, and comforted by her desire to get to know me a little and the type of situation I was bringing a puppy/small dog into. Thank you Helen.

    May 2021
  • Tabs B

    I’ve just purchased a Cavoodle from Helen and bought him home a few days ago. I initially contacted Helen in September last year, but as she was inundated at the time, she put me on the waiting and got in touch when her next litter was born. She definitely asked a lot of questions as someone else has pointed out, but nothing inappropriate and I appreciate her taking care in background checking as not everyone is as suitable to a puppy as they might hope. I spent an hour with Helen on 2 visits — one when contacted to say she had a litter and the second when picking him up. It’s clear she’s a dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate breeder. She has a great system set up and clearly loves all of her animals. I’m in love with our new addiction, and very happy knowing he’s come from an ethical place.

    May 2021
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Beware of scams!

Due to scarcity of puppies at this time, Helen has been told of numerous examples of scams and frauds and has experienced interference with her own website.

She wants people to enjoy their experience of dog ownership and asks enquirers to take care in making their purchase decision. Examples of bad experiences include loss of deposits and loss of full amount of payments and/or no arrival of pup as promised. These scams seem commonly to result from interstate or offers of pups from casual infrequent breeders. Unlicenced breeders also often use unknown studs or improperly use stud/bitch combinations that do not result in the promised breed characteristics, which may not be evident at the puppy stage of life.

Helen does not accept deposits until pups have been born, selection of pup decided and agreement reached. Helen encourages inspections by appointment, to view her breeding family and her first-class facilities. She advises buyers to insist on seeing and knowing the credentials of the stud (father) as well as the mother.