The beauty of breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies in Melbourne

I have always loved and admired the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, commonly known as the “Cavalier”. Their good looks, gentle loving nature, and loyalty are evident to anyone who has had the experience of owning one of these beautiful creatures. Once you have made friends with a Cavalier, you will always wish for another! This is why I absolutely love breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies in Melbourne for caring and deserving dog owners and families.

While I have owned several Cavaliers over the years that I have been breeding Cavoodle pups, which come from a suitable Cavalier mother (bitch) and Toy Poodle father (stud), I decided that each of the parent breeds are special in their own right, so I decided to breed Cavaliers because they make wonderful pets, and I love them. I began to search for a suitable male Cavalier clear of the genetic issues that can be carried by some Cavaliers. After a search, I acquired our boy “Olly”, my magnificent young stud Cavalier in the picture here. His first litter is now with us and they are simply beautiful and healthy. I am keeping some of his girls as future breeders, and the others are being sold.

My stud poodles Sir Louis and Basil, will continue to be the sires of my Cavoodle and Toy Poodle pups that will continue to be available. I love to explain the Cavalier to prospective owners. You can contact me on 0409487587 (6-8 in the evenings is best) or email me on [email protected] and I can call you.


Ollie Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Geelong